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Make your chicken curry the star of the meal by using our scrumptious chicken curry cut meat.

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Skillfully cut Chicken with a perfect balance of meat and bone.

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The fleshiest part of the chicken, the breast holds so much flavour and makes an excellent choice for health conscious eaters.

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500 gms Chicken Curry Cut | 100% Farm Fresh No Preservatives Chicken Curry Cut is by far the most popular form of meat cut for every Indian household.

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Chicken Whole Skinless

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Keema is exotic, exceptional and unique to taste. Try our freshly minced, soft chicken keema.

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The leg of a chicken consists of two parts, which are the drumstick and the thigh.

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Chicken drumsticks make an excellent addition to chicken masala, biryanis and roasts.

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The perfect match to your chicken curry, our chicken curry cut with skin on will ask for an encore when you bite into moist and tender meat.

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Our package of chicken lollipops will spare you the onerous task of having to make them yourself.

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Chicken breast is not only tasty and good for health, but also it is packed with nutrition which makes it all the more desired.

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Chicken gizzards are nutritious and delicious, and bring depth of flavour to broths, soups and stews.