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Whole Country Chicken Weight: 1 Kg

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Quail, also known as Bater in Hindi, is a delicacy to be relished by one and all.

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Rabbit meat is great for your health along with its tender and succulent meat. When cooked, the meat is as soft as butter and simply melts in your mouth. Low in fat, it is recommended for pregnant and nursing women and even sports enthusiasts. We will provide you with a whole rabbit, cleaned thoroughly, cut [...]

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The Kadaknath chicken is native to Madhya Pradesh and is known for several characteristic traits, one being its jet black feathers and body.

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Gross Wt – 500g, Net wt – 300-350 g

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Whole Duck. Weight : 1 Kg

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Make a feast worth royalty that your family will demand over and over again.



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