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This delicate fish is the epitome of several gourmet meals.

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Prawns are a great source of high quality protein and provide some of the most important Vitamins and Minerals


Rohu is a freshwater fish that is a delicacy in Bengal.


Salmons are born in sweet water but spend their lives in salty waters and are one of the most common exotic fish.

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Katla is one of the most popular species of freshwater fish. Katla makes  a wonderful  Bengali cuisine, this lean, bony fish, cut Bengali style is going to make your fish curries with its soft and delicate flavored meat.

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Indian Mackeral/Bangda clean, gutted, whole

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White Pomfrets are widely loved for their buttery-smooth texture.

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Next Day Delivery/Pre-Booking is allowed. Tilapia also has low calorific and fat levels which makes it excellent for your dieting meals.

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Black pomfret or pamphlet is the most demanded fish in India.

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Murrel is a sweet water fish that is one of the most popular picks for your fish curries and fry cravings. Weight ≈ 1 Kg